Speaking & Engaging

Speaking Engagements: Please feel free to contact Dr. Fatimah Salleh if you are interested in her speaking at your event, training and/or gathering. Speaking engagements focused on matters of equity, inclusion, belonging and healing are topics more closely knit into the work of this organization.

Sermons: Rev. Dr. Salleh is committed to the spiritual wellness of her community. If your church and/or religious organization desires to hear more about a gospel focused on spiritual health and wellbeing in ministry and discipleship.

See examples of sermons below:

Pastoral Care: Rev. Dr. Fatimah Salleh worked at Duke Divinity School, where she was the pastoral associate for the Office of Black Church Studies. Since then she has started her own practice where she walks alongside pastors, clergy, and spiritual directors in their own faith journeys and ministry.



Spiritual Health: At A Certain Work we acknowledge that some of our spiritual journeys are in and of themselves difficult and quite complicated. Our spiritual health workshops and conferences focus on how to take care of yourself in holistic and meaningful ways that bring you closer to your authentic self and the Divine in you.



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