“As we planned our Food, Faith, & Justice gatherings, Fatimah’s experience, knowledge, and care immeasurably improved our agenda and programming. At the gathering she called participants into the work with compassion, vulnerability, humor, and unflinching honesty, which they responded to with openness, gratitude, and a willingness to engage. Her keynote was the most highly rated part of our gathering.  Fatimah’s mind and heart are committed to this work, and it was a pleasure and an honor to work with her.”

-Margaret Krome-Lukens
Senior Program Manager
Come to the Table Program


“Fatimah was magnetic, mesmerizing, and spoke charismatically from the authority of her own experience.  Our retreat had women all along the faith spectrum, and she found a way to tap into our religious heritage and scriptures while connecting in universal ways that nourished every one of us spiritually in the place where we were.  She was also patient and gracious in helping a group of overwhelmingly white women think more deeply about the intersection of race and faith.”

-Tania Lyon, PhD

Mormon Feminist Women’s Retreat Organizer

Allegheny Pilgrims


“We chose Dr. Salleh to keynote one of our plenary sessions at our religious studies conference last summer. Her words brought a powerful reckoning of faith, hope, and healing. She is a gift to the contemporary religious movement and she speaks truth to power. She is a renowned voice in the Mormon community, weaving together the topics of race, resistance, and the abundance of God’s love for all. Her words will move any audience toward change and justice.”

Lindsay Hansen Park

Executive Director of Sunstone

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